5 Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Travelling For The First Time

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am from California. I have done a fair amount of travelling, I started travelling alone from the age of 19 and I have learnt a lot from my travel mistakes. Some have been adventurous and fun while some have been dangerous. Today I will should you some common mistakes that you should make, I think it’s good to share some things so that no one goes through the same mistakes I have made.

Here are some of the travel mistakes you really need to avoid while travelling

1.         Mistake 1

Never let your phone out of battery especially when your phone holds your ticket. It can be stressful if you are travelling alone because you can’t call anyone if your phone runs out of battery. Make sure you carry a portable charger.

2.         Mistake 2

Invest in a suitcase that stands out, make sure you have a different colour of a suitcase because everyone brings on a black suitcase. You might have a hard time figuring out which one is yours because they look just like the other one.

3.         Mistake 3

If you are not comfortable sharing a room with anyone, simply don’t even if you have to spend some extra dollars.

4.         Mistake 4

Don’t lose your SD card which I did. Make sure you don’t have something you are not meant to have. Be watchful if you are carrying smaller things with you.

5.         Mistake 5

Don’t feel the need and urge to fill your baggage allowance. I made the mistake of overpacking and did not have any room for shopping. I then have to upgrade and spend to make some room for my new things.

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