Best Places To Visit In Texas-Ultimate Texas Travel Guide

Texas is truly massive in size, there are endless opportunities to try out new things here. The landscape changes dramatically throughout the expanses of the lone star state. From deserts and scrublands to swamps, pine forests, and mountains, Texans are fiercely proud and they have a lot to be discovered. Whether you are interested in history or art or looking for a cowboy culture, it is all found in Texas.

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Narrow down your searches with the list of places we have made for you:

Palo Duro Canyon

Location: 1450 State Park Road 5, Canyon, United States.

Cutting through the high plains regions of Texas Palo Duro Canyon is the second-largest in the United States after Grand Canyon. Red rock is exposed creating a beautiful sight but the canyon is more than just avoid. Palo Duro Canyon is also where Native American tribes, here you can find an abundance of wildlife in the park. Hikers can hike miles of trails on this rugged topography.

Forth Worth

Exchange Avenue, The Stockyards Hotel, and Fincher’s White Front Western Store in the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic Distric. NRHP Ref 76002067.

Location: North Central Texas

Forth Worth is located just a stone’s throw away from Dallas, the city gives you a wild west charm thereby earning the name as Cow town due to its strong cowboy culture. You will find tons of cowboy and cowgirl museums here giving you in-depth knowledge about the local history and culture. You can also go and watch the Rodeo or cattle drive or head to the fantastic Kimball art museum which is home to some lovely paintings by Picasso.

El Paso

Location: El Paso County

El Paso is sandwiched between the borders of Mexico, it is the westernmost region in Texas. El Paso receives 320 days of sunshine and it is one of the best places to live and visit. It is surrounded by desolated yet beautiful desert-like landscape.

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