Exploring Naples Complete Travel Guide for solo Travellers

Naples is a city that lives in the streets today as it has for centuries. Bella Napoli- it’s loveable chaos here.  Naples is like Italy in the extreme and if you are someone who loves Italy as far as South it just gets better. If you find Italy a little overwhelming by the time you head out to Rome, you need to think twice. Note that Italy intensifies as you explore and plunge deeper.

You can go shopping in the Neapolitan style. Dodge Scooters is one of the best ways to beat off the Crazy traffic in Naples. You can explore the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods, taste pizza in its birthplace and admire exquisite ancient mosaics. If you enjoy climbing and hiking you can head to the lip of a slumbering volcano and explore the amazing ruins of the Roman town.

The Bay of Naples area is about three hours from the south of Rome. This region is filled with fun and fascination, you can start by climbing the smouldering Mount Vesuvius and visit the ruins of Pompeii. Centuries before Christ Naples was a thriving Greek Commercial Centre. In several ways you will find Southern Italy more distinct from the north- people here are friendlier, fun-loving and easy-going. The city has more police and feels much safer getting around. See its great archaeological museums, by walking through its historic core you can capture the United of the city.

Split Naples is a perfectly straight street that dates from ancient Greek times leading to the colourful heart of the city. The street echoes about ancient Neapolis, kids turn a wide spot in the sidewalk into a soccer field, neighbourly chit chat and heated arguments all make Naples into a great city.

Even though for much Itlainas soccer is like a religion churches continue to remain as an important part of the community. Stepping into the lavishly Baroque Gesu Nuovo Church, you will learn how along with sports heroes, Neapolitans have their religious heroes.

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