How To Spend Your Holidays In New York With Your Partner

Here are some amazing places and things to do with your partner in NYC:


1.You can marvel at one of the many skyscrapers since New York is home to many and while not every building is a work of art there are a couple like the Chrysler building that is worth admiring.

2. Once the tallest building in the world and featuring a definitive art deco architecture Chrysler building is one building where you can enjoy exploring at your own pace.


1. For quiet and some fresh air visit Central Park which features gorgeous pathways, lakes, and gardens making it such a pleasure to stroll through.

2. At about two and a half miles you won’t be able to explore the entire park unless you have a lot of time in your hands.


1. While it’s true that time square is kind of a tourist trap and is packed with so many people, there is something to be said for coming here at least once if you visit New York.

2. If you do come to Times Square we recommend coming at night when all the billboards light up and the place is filled with a spectrum of colours. It is big it is busy and it is dazzling all the same time.


1. While the outside looks a bit different kind of like a skeleton of a whale or giant flying creatures from the avengers the interior is stunning to behold.

2. You can grab a photo from the top looking down but, it is the most enjoyable to go down to the bottom and to look up.


1. Built to remember those who died during the darkest day of New York’s history when terrorist attacks destroyed the world trade tower killing almost 3000 people along with another bombing attack in 1993 that killed seven.

2. The memorial features two large reflecting pools in the place where the twin tower once stood.

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