Is Managua Worth Visiting!!- 4 Amazing Reasons Why Managua Should Be On Your 2022 Bucket List

Today we will show you the best things you can do and see while you are in Managua and help you clear all your doubts as to whether Managua is worth including in your bucket list. Managua is the sprawling capital city of Nicaragua, with international flights operating out of Augusta Cesar Sandino Airport in Managua. Chances are you will be spending more time in Managua during your trip to Managua. If you are living in Nicaragua regular trips to Managua will be essential if you want to access all the conveniences of a large modern city.

LOMA DE TISCAPA                            

Loma De Toscana is a lookout that provides an amazing vantage point to view the city of Managua. It sits on the hill of the inactive Toscana Volcanic crater lagoon. You can find a lot of cultural significance here, underneath the hill were the notorious Somoza dungeons now converted to a police archive.


The Macon area was developed a year ago, previously it was an old bar area and it was a little dodgy. You can also get boat tours that give you great views of Managua as well as the nearby active Mombotombo volcano.


The Los Robles District is home to the culinary centre of Managua with trendy cafes, and a great selection of high-quality local and international restaurants. If you are looking for nightlife then you also have lounges and piano bars to choose from as well. And for top-grade sushi then the best Japanese restaurant in Managua is the Nay Lounge at the Hotel Intercontinental.


You can’t go wrong with the street food here and many of the street food costs here as little as one dollar. Must try food items include Nacatamales – cornmeal filled with meat and vegetables, you must also try grilled meat from a fruitage barbeque.

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