The Best Restaurants In The United States For Foodies And Alike

When sampling the country’s best knowing restaurants it is that there’s no one right way to enjoy eating from pizzas and delis to oyster houses and doughnut shops. These are the most famous restaurants in America, with so many incredible restaurants from coast to coast, it can be difficult to stand out but it certainly helps.

The best Restaurants in the United States for Foodies:


Katz is more than just a movie trivia opened in 1888, this iconic deli has remained popular as ever. Thanks to its delectable menu the most notable item are the Pastrami and corned beef and sandwiches. These stuffed are made with meat that’s cured up to 30 days giving it a flavour you simply you won’t find at your local corner. It is not uncommon for lines to stretch out the door once, guests can sit at the same table where Megan Billy once sat and gazed at the Cornucopia of Memorabilia and photos of the restaurant.


Mystic Pizza is another restaurant that benefited from an appearance on the silver screen. But instead of serving as a location in a movie, the entire film was named after the restaurant. The 1988 romantic comedy Mystic pizza stars Julia Roberts and follows the lives of three pizza parlour waitresses.


The union oysters like stepping back in time; it’s one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in the country. Having opened in 1826 and the building itself have been standing in the same spot on Boston’s Union Street. Even longer probably soon after the Puritans landed on Plymouth rock during all this time. The Union Oyster House has seen some famous faces walk through its door including Massachusetts congressman, Daniel Webster, and John F Kennedy.

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