Things to Know About the Flamingo Island

How to Reach the Flamingo Island?

The Flamingo Island is a private island and located in Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino at the heart of the Aruba shopping area. If you are really interested in getting a glimpse of the beautiful creatures you have two options:

1.         Either you spend a night at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino ($150 per night)

2.         Or get access to the island by paying a fee of $125 for a day which may include boat transfer, lunch, and drink.

About Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino ($150 per night)

This resort is accessible only after a 15-minute speed boat ride from a tiny little porch area next to Starbucks. The resort is an absolute beauty with a hammock of swaying palm trees, silky white sands, the dusty lizards pop up from all corners of the resort getting all comfortable to greet you and at one end you can spot the flock of flamingos.

Note: The island has been divided into two sections-the adult side and the family side.

Where Can You Spot the Flamingos?

The flamingo island is located on the adult side of the resort. Along the rocky peninsula, you can spot some tiny huts which are available for rent.  Each of the huts is accompanied by a hammock over the water and is one of the best ways to own a small little party on a private island.

Is Flamingo Island worth the visit?

If you are someone who enjoys less crowded places where you can have absolute dominion over your time then this is the place to be. You can relax and enjoy the warm waters feeding the flamingos as well as spot other tiny animals hanging around. It is a family-friendly destination and visiting the island during the summer months is totally worth it.

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